London Fields FAQ

Where is London Fields playing?
Theaters playing London Fields can be found on the official London Fields Theaters page.
When is London Fields being released in the U.S.?
London Fields will be released theatrically in the U.S. on October 26, 2018.
What is London Fields rated?
London Fields has been rated R for language including sexual references and brief nudity.
Where can I buy group tickets to see the London Fields movie?
Please fill out the London Fields movie group tickets form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
Where can I read the rules for the London Fields #LondonFieldsFan contest?
You can find the rules as well as the winners list on the official London Fields Contest page.
Is London Fields available on DVD/Blu-ray?
London Fields is not yet available on U.S. Region 1 DVD nor is it available for VoD purchase in the United States.
Is the London Fields movie based on the book?
Yes, London Fields is based on a novel by the same title written by Martin Amis.
Who made London Fields?
London Fields was directed by Mathew Cullen and was written by Martin Amis (novel) and Roberta Hanley. It was produced by Jordan Gertner, Chris Hanley, and Geyer Kosinski.
Who is distributing London Fields?
London Fields is being distributed in the U.S. by GVN Releasing.
What is London Fields about?
London Fields tells the story of clairvoyant femme fatale, Nicola Six, who has been living with a dark premonition of her impending death by murder. She begins a tangled love affair with three uniquely different men: one of whom she knows will be her murderer.
Who stars in London Fields?
London Fields features an all-star lineup including:
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